Tanks, Stands, Canopies

   What else do we have?

Looking for a tank?  What size do you need?

We have all sizes from 2.5 gallon to 300+ gallon. Perfecto/Marineland, Aqueon/All Glass, Deep Blue, Tetra, JBJ, and many more.  Looking for a custom acrylic tank?  We have at least 2 acrylic designers/manufacturers to design any custom acrylic tank you have in mind, as well as a custom stand shop to build any stand/canopy to use with your tank.  

We carry a large supply of new & used equipment for fresh & saltwater systems, as well as fish, crabs, snails and more!

Hang on the back filters, sumps, protien filters, custom made sumps, refugiums, canister filters, all types of lighting, decorations, rocks, substrates, backgrounds, repair parts for filters, you name it, we have it or we can get it.  Come and take a look!

         Fish, Snails, Crabs, and More!

We have a wide assortment of livestock

Freshwater stock:

  • silver arawana

  • crowntail bettas male & female

  • bristle nose plecos

  • designer plecos

  • marble sailfin plecos

  • phantom blue plecos

  • phantom green plecos

  • royal plecos

  • iridescent sharks

  • swordtail plattys

  • synodontis eupterus (cat)

  • synodontis ocellifer (cat)

  • synodontis petricola (cat)

  • synodontis upside down (cat)

  • irwini ripsaw (cat)

  • cory cat albino geophagus heckelii

  • pimelodella 4 Line cat 

  • pimelodella pictus cat

  • African Moorii cichlids (blue dolphins)

  • African Peacock cichlids

  • flowerhorn cichlids

  • blood red parrot fish

  • platinum white guppies

  • black ghost knife fish

  • clown knife fish

  • red tail sharks

  • rainbow gobi

  • convicts

  • plattys

  • mollys

  • guppies

  • commets (goldfish)

  • blue gourami

  • boesemani rainbowfish

  • glofish tetras

  • king tiger pleco

  • kribensis cichlid

  • leporinus fasciatus

  • mpimbwe blue frontosa

  • orange swordtails

  • oscars

  • ranger pleco

  • red irian rainbowfish

  • redtail catfish

  • rhino pleco

  • serpae tetra

  • silver blueberry arowana

  • tiger barbs

  • tiger shovelnose catfish

  • turquoise rainbowfish

  • yoyobotia

Saltwater Stock:

  • over 30 variations of clownfish

  • blue hepatus tang

  • disbar anthias

  • yellow watchman goby

  • striped damselfish

  • lemon damselfish

  • indigo hamlet

  • butterflyfish

  • scooter blenny

  • gold striped cardinalfish

  • green chromis

  • lawnmower blenny

  • hawkfish

  • fuzzy dwarf lionfish

  • asst hermit crabs

  • asst snails

  • tuxedo urchin

  • emerald crab

  • hawaiian strawberry crab

  • mini carpet anemone

  • long tentacle anenome

  • haitian pink-tip anenome

  • kenyan tree coral

  • chaeto

  • sps & lps

  • base rock

  • live rock

Looking for something specific that you don't see on the list?  We can order any fresh or salt water critters our suppliers have in stock.  Our shipments arrive on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Give us a Call or Text for a quote. 


For our Feathered Friends, we now carry Bird Food and more!

Food Brands:                  Also available:

Harrison's                                Toys

Roudybush                              Carriers

ZuPreem                                   Dishes

Scenic                                       Water Bottles

Volkman                                   Cages

Kaylor of Colorado


We carry tanks of all sizes, both glass and acrylic.  If we don't have what you are looking for in a used tank, we can order a new tank of any shape or size

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